7 Questions to Ask a Property Manager Before Hiring Them

1. What services are included in the management fee?

Some companies will charge you an additional fee for every maintenance issue solved, every showing submitted, every lease signed, etc., on top of a monthly management fee. 803 Property Management’s fee includes advertising, showings, legal documents, check ins, move outs, reports, maintenance, and more. No hidden charges with803 Property Management.

2. Do your management services offer Social Media Marketing?

We create posts and advertisements on social media for your property, so that we can find the most qualified tenants that will care for your property as if it were their own.  We take beautiful pictures, create attractive ads, and promote your home for maximum exposure.  The rental market is always hot, and social media platforms enable us to engage with prospective tenants.

3.Does your management service include semi-annual inspections?

 At 803 Property Management, our management services include semi annual inspections. Tenants are notified within 48 hours before the scheduled inspection date. Owners are sent a full inspection report with pictures of the property.


4. Do your management services include monthly statements?

All rent proceeds disbursed to owners before the 15th of each month with a monthly statement and receipts of all expenses accrued.


5. Does your management company screen tenants?

803 Property Management screens all prospective tenants. The screening process includes a credit check, background check, income inspections, and reference confirmations.

6. Does your management company require tenants to have insurance?

803 Property Management’s tenants are required to have rental coverage. They are responsible for carrying a minimum of $100,000 to $300,000 liability depending on the property. This requirement is in the best interests of both the renter and landlord.

7. Does your management company work during the weekends?

Our office doesn’t have weekend hours. However, our Agents are always on call. We are available twenty-four hours, every day. We understand your property is an investment we are hired to protect and maintain, so you don’t have to lift a finger.